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Lighting: Chan Yu Chen
Production Assistant: Zaira Calderón
Sound Design: Oro Sound Studio

I was getting ready to get to school. It was a weekend but I remember being in a rush. It was a busy weekend for me. I got to the living room to wear my shoes and saw my roommate out on the porch just absorbing the morning sunlight. It was a moment. It wasn’t my moment. It was hers and probably not a significant one. But even as an outsider to this moment, I could appreciate it. I was in a rush but that slowed down time for maybe a second where I could appreciate how that could feel like. Then I was on my way again.

Between those moments I would have this sense of excitement, thrill and fear at the same time. I already knew that this area of water was technically out of bounds for me. But it was exciting because I hadn’t been to that part of the sea yet. All of this was unchartered territory for me. But then I would realize that my life was in my own hands because there wasn’t a barrier protecting me from the deep part of the sea. It was still thrilling to take one small step at a time and see how much further I could go.

It’s hard to remember things. One usually tries to document life and its new experiences through an array of memorabilia from souvenirs to photos to videos and everything in between. I find it hard to remember factual information about events, special or ordinary, after a couple of years. Usually I have pictures from the event in question but I generally don’t remember being in that picture. Over the years I have collected objects that store the memory of the event more efficiently than a picture. While information is hard to remember over the years, it’s usually easy to remember an experience. Even the happiest moments fade from your memory till you just remember being happy and unsure of exactly what made you happy in the first place.

I remember winning a football tournament with my friends. I don’t actually remember much about it. But I recall the look of pure joy on my friend’s face. I remember the screaming and the crying and experiencing a dopamine rush in third person. Everybody was hugging and jumping.  At this point I don’t know if I can say that I remember anything factual from that day. The people we played against, the goals we scored,  all of it - a big blur.  But the way people around me felt and my observation of their feelings has stayed with me till today.