Atharva’s portfolio

I was getting ready to get to school. It was a weekend but I remember being in a rush. It was a busy weekend for me. I got to the living room to wear my shoes and saw my roommate out on the porch just absorbing the morning sunlight. It was a moment. It wasn’t my moment. It was hers and probably not a significant one. But even as an outsider to this moment, I could appreciate it. I was in a rush but that slowed down time for maybe a second where I could appreciate how that could feel like. Then I was on my way again.

Between those moments I would have this sense of excitement, thrill and fear at the same time. I already knew that this area of water was technically out of bounds for me. But it was exciting because I hadn’t been to that part of the sea yet. All of this was unchartered territory for me. But then I would realize that my life was in my own hands because there wasn’t a barrier protecting me from the deep part of the sea. It was still thrilling to take one small step at a time and see how much further I could go.